The Honorable Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr.

“From his health care expertise to his fiscally conservative views, Dr. Tim Robinson is the type of leader we need in Annapolis. Please join me in helping bring common sense values back to the Senate."











Andy Harris

“Baltimore County needs a leader we can trust to be a voice for our hard-working families in Annapolis. There is no one more qualified for District 42 than Dr. Tim Robinson, who will put people above politics. As a physician, he will be the only healthcare expert in the State Senate. As a fiscal conservative, he will be a protector for us and our tax dollars. A vote for Tim Robinson means a chance for a real, serious difference in our lives."



Kathy Szeliga

“Tim Robinson is the right man for the job. Tim is thoughtful, educated, and hard working and will represent the citizens of the 42nd district with integrity.”

“Tim Robinson’s life is a testimony of how he will represent the citizens of the 42nd district. A husband, father and physician who will truly serve as a citizen legislator, not a career politician. What a breath of fresh air!”



Ellen Sauerbrey

“I enthusiastically endorse Tim Robinson for State Senate in District 42. I am thrilled that Dr. Robinson has stepped forward to provide a consistent fiscally conservative alternative to the tax and spend policies of Annapolis Democrats. Retired from a successful medical career, Tim, a long time resident of Baltimore County will also bring a needed expertise in health care issues to Annapolis at this very critical time.”







  Helen Delich Bentley

“Tim cares about Marylanders like he cares about patients. I have been an expert on maritime issues since I was a reporter for the Baltimore Sun. Tim is an expert in medicine. Just like we need experts while dealing with trade and shipping, we need an expert in the enormous issues we face in medicine, medical care and medical coverage. I think state government is sick; we need a doctor in the senate.”