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Tim Robinson: Husband, Father, Doctor, Concerned Citizen

• Married to wife Carolyn for 29 years

• Father of four

• Medical Doctor with degree from Medical College of Pennsylvania

• Served as Commissioned Medical Officer in U.S. Public Health Service

• Served on legislative committees of Maryland State Medical Society and Baltimore County Medical Association

• PTA member

• Small Business owner

Congressman Andy Harris for Tim Robinson

“Baltimore County needs a leader we can trust to be a voice for our hard-working families in Annapolis. There is no one more qualified for District 42 than Dr. Tim Robinson, who will put people above politics. As a physician, he will be the only healthcare expert in the State Senate. As a fiscal conservative, he will be a protector for us and our tax dollars. A vote for Tim Robinson means a chance for a real, serious difference in our lives." Congressman Andy Harris

Why I'm Running

As a medical doctor, I have spent my entire professional career helping people feel better about themselves and their future.

I have been blessed with a successful career, a loving family and the opportunity to practice medicine in a great community.

Right now, that community, our community, is feeling the ills of a state government overrun with wasteful spending, billions in excessive taxation and business-crippling regulations that are sending businesses to other states in droves.

Regrettably, the incumbent state Senator has been an all-to-willing pawn in helping the O’Malley administration spread those ills over the past 8 years.

And while the incumbent has built a façade over the past 12 years as an “independent maverick.” The facts are that he is neither.

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