Select any of the topics to learn more about how I will represent you on these issues.


Taxes and Spending: From 2007 to 2013 the Democrats in Annapolis increased taxes, tolls and fees 78 times. From Bob Ehrlich’s 2007 budget to Martin O’Malley’s 2015 budget, spending has increased almost $10 BILLION, an increase of 35% over 8 years. READ MORE.

Business, Regulation and Jobs: Maryland business does not exist in a vacuum but in a competitive environment. Maryland is surrounded by states with much more advantageous municipal, property, personal income and corporate tax rates. READ MORE.

Common Sense: I have a lot of schooling and experience as a doctor, but I’ve learned—and the best doctors, plumbers, truck drivers, attorneys, teachers, housewives and public servants all come to realize— that common sense is often as important as professional knowledge in solving problems. READ MORE.

Education: I am a product of a lot of public education. I believe in education. But I also believe in a multitude of educational approaches—public schools, home schooling, private academies, and voucher programs. READ MORE.

Healthcare: Over $150 million dollars of taxpayer money have been wasted on the rollout of the Maryland Healthcare Exchange. READ MORE.

Roads and Infrastructure: Fixing roads doesn’t take a neurosurgeon. It takes public servants who will direct the gas taxes, which you and I pay, into roads. Eight years ago Baltimore County got $44 million from the state for roads, this year it was $4 million. READ MORE.

Cooperation: But it takes cooperation. I have certain inviolable personal and policy positions about which I am passionate, which I believe I share with District 42 voters. I will bring those principles to bear on Maryland’s legislative processes. READ MORE.